Online protection from Spam and Viruses


Protection from spam and viruses up to 97%

Protection from email viruses and other malicious software

Protection from external attacks on MX-server and DDOS

Flexible control of access lists and domain settings

Spam and virus statistics, access to the logging information

Global, 24x7 technical support for customers


ContrSpam is a reliable antispam system for online protection from spam and virus with mail traffic protection, up to 97%. It includes a comprehensive analysis of email messages and flexible system for email blocking and forwarding.

ContrSpam available as an online service (SaaS) which does not require the purchase of software licenses, expensive equipment and other overhead costs. You rent a service to protect against spam and get it immediately.


Up to 50 mailboxes

$ 1 75 / MAILBOX


From 50 to 150 mailboxes

$ 1 25 / MAILBOX


150 and more mailboxes

$ 0 95 / MAILBOX


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